This is a multifandom and random stuff blog.
NOT spoiler free. May occasionally contain NSFW posts.
I multiship characters and RL people. Just FYI.
I am an ‘all ships friendly’ blog. Ship whoever or whatever you want.
I just don’t tolerate hate.
I love way too many things to list but these are some of my current favs:
Kristen Stewart, Darren Criss, Castle, Hannibal, Glee, Fringe, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, Queer as Folk, LotR, The X-Files, Harry Potter….
I basically ship anything and everything including:
Hannigram, Casket, Harmony, Klaine, Blam, Polivia, Britin,
Crisscolfer, miarren AND chill.
ANYTHING musicals.
My profession is in the forensics field so that might pop up occasionally too.

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